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       2003 Symposium    internship         

Pat Ehrman High School Coordinator High School Science (206) 732-1450 pehrman@systemsbiology.org
Amy Hale Events Coordinator Family Science (206) 732-1455 ahale@systemsbiology.org
Kit Hughes Administrative Coordinator Middle School Science Systemic
Change Partnership
(206) 732-1457 khughes@systemsbiology.org
Caroline Kiehle  Program Manager Middle School Science Systemic Change
(206) 732-1458 ckiehle@systemsbiology.org
Heather Mitchell  Director Family Science (206) 732-1454 hmitchell@systemsbiology.org
Elaine Woo Collaborator/Director Seattle School District Elementary Science (206) 252-0064 ewoo@seattleschools.org


Ehrman, Pat
    Pat matriculated from a 30-year teaching career at A. C. Davis Senior High School to the education group in the University of Washington’s Department of Molecular Biotechnology in 1999. In January of 2003 he moved along with the other education group members to the Institute for Systems Biology. He serves as the high school outreach coordinator for the Institute.
    His experiences at working with scientists in laboratories during a number of summers have translated into his desire for building a collegial network of scientists and high school teachers to provide opportunities for extending and updating teachers knowledge of science. The mentoring he received in labs during the summer resulted in the addition of two new courses at his high school (Introductory Molecular Biology and Research Biology) publications in The Science Teacher and the American Biology Teacher, and a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching.  This year he developed a research internship program for high school students.  Pat is the man; he is awesome !!
    He recently served on national review panels for standards based high school biology textbooks and with the National Research Council to review advanced study of mathematics and science in the United States. His early work on implementing standards for high school science and work on statewide EALR and WASL teams has complemented the initial work with districts in the greater Seattle for teacher professional development.
    Patrick has a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Central Washington University.  

Hale, Amy
    Amy Hale was born and raised here in Seattle. She graduated in 1989 from Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts and a K-8 teaching certificate. Before working with Family Science Amy worked as a second grade teacher, an Artist in Residence. Her first experience with Family Science was as a parent assisting in the classroom and coordinating Family Science events. Amy recognized inquiry-based science was a powerful tool to help educators rethink how kids learn best and thus, how educators should approach teaching. In addition, she wanted to help parents and kids enjoy and experience science together, asking questions and exploring their every day world. Amy began working as the Family Science Resource Teacher in 1997. She and her husband, Brian enjoy an active household of four children, two large dogs, two rabbits, a parrot and a fish.

Kiehle, Caroline
    Caroline Kiehle is the Program Manager for “Middle School Science Systemic Change Partnership”, a Local Systemic Change project of the National Science Foundation. From 1985-1996 Caroline taught science and math for grades 6-10 in the Seattle region, and was the state’s Middle School Science Teacher of the Year in 1994. from 1990-1996 she co-developed and led a teacher institute at the University of Washington’s Department of Molecular Biotechnology, that partnered scientists with middle grade teachers to design investigations for students to learn challenging, fundamental science concepts. This work evolved into the vision and plan for the current middle school systemic program. Five regional school districts are working collaboratively to build a strong science program for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, to complement their elementary school standards-based inquiry science program. Caroline has a Master in Education degree from the University of Washington and a Teaching Certificate in secondary math and science for the state of Washington.

Mitchell, Heather
    Heather Mitchell was born into a Canadian/American/Danish family and grew up in western Washington eating baked goods and cheese. After getting a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. in Genetics, Heather moved to Paris to work on the Human Genome project, save the world from disease, and of course, to continue eating cheese. After two years in France she stuffed her suitcases with dark chocolate and moved to the wide open spaces of northern New Mexico where she learned how to pronounce names in yet another romance language (Spanish) and introduced local high school students to the mysteries of science. Heather moved back to Seattle in 1995, lured by the mountains, oceans, nearly continuous rain, and the promise of membership in the science education reform elite—the Partnerships for Science Education group at ISB. While not making science safe and understandable for families, Heather can be found baking a pie, hiking the backwoods, or picking a tune on her fiddle. She will still conquer insurmountable obstacles for baked goods but finds her fondness for cheese has somewhat diminished.

 2003 Symposium    internship  

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