Our Projects

Ocean Acidification, sometimes referred to as the “other carbon problem”, is the process by which carbon dioxide is sequestered into the ocean. When carbon dioxide is sequestered, the ocean grows more acidic and generally more hostile to ocean life. Due to human activity, the amount of carbon dioxide being absorbed by the world’s oceans is rapidly increasing, making it important to understand whether organisms will have enough time to adapt to this change and what that will mean for life everywhere.


The high school module Ocean Acidification: A systems approach to a global problem models current systems research about Ocean Acidification and its worldwide reverberations. Our projects this summer centered around supporting the development of this module, which will be used in schools throughout the country.


Although the internship program labels our position as "Laboratory Intern," we have completed projects in the lab, on the computer, and at schools! The major projects we conducted include:


Halobacterium salinarum

Thalassiosira pseudonana

Cytoscape Software