Raisah Vesteinsdottir

Raisah is looking forward to being a senior at Garfield High School this year. Having been interested in science and math from a young age, Raisah was delighted to have the opportunity to experience biology at a higher level this summer at the ISB. Her favorite part of the internship was learning how collaboration between various fields fuels research and data analysis at ISB. Having taken a marine biology course sophomore year, Raisah found the Baliga Lab’s experimentation to understand ocean acidification to be very interesting.

In her free time, Raisah enjoys hiking, relaxing on the beach with friends and reading murder mysteries. She is part of the executive committee of the Post Outdoor Education program at Garfield, and is a captain of the school’s cross country team. After high school, Raisah hopes to study biology or computational biology in college.

Feel free to contact Raisah through email at rvesteinsdottir@gmail.com.