Welcome to the 2011 Baliga Lab high school intern page! The Institute for Systems Biology Baliga lab works with prokaryotic model organisms and studies how they react to alterations in their environment. During the summer of 2011, we (Kevin Baker, Jocelyn Lee, Olachi Oleru, and Jia Hao Xu) had the opportunity to work with various extremophiles including Halobacterium salinarium, Dunaliela salina, and Artemia salina. Our mentors this summer were Nic Pinel, Mari Knutson, and Claudia Ludwig, with whom we worked to perfect modules for use in high school classrooms. Through this internship, we learned how to use various lab equipment, different lab techniques, and what life as a scientist is like. We invite you to view this website as the culmination of our work at ISB this summer; you will find everything from formal lab reports to embarrassing blooper reels.

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