Overview of Summer 2004

About Halo

This summer the Institute for Systems Biology had the pleasure to invite three lucky students from the Seattle and Highline School Districts to come and work on a class curriculum that is being developed by the Institute’s Halo Research Group for years to come.

John Thomson is going to be a junior next year at Mount Rainer High School. His task was to work on a cell phone network that will be integrated with the experiments and be part of the high school curriculum.

Stephanie Gil is going to be a senior next year at Nathan Hale High School and Gregory Alvarado is also going to be a senior next year at Chief Sealth High School. Over the summer Stephanie and Gregory worked as a team conducting experiments that will part of the high school curriculum, and got hands on learning experience along with the biologists at ISB.

This student intern site was created entirely by High School Students.

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