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Rich Bonneau
Rich Bonneau

          Dr. Bonneau has expertise primarily in ab initio protein structure prediction, protein folding, bioinformatics and is currently focused on applying structure prediction and structural information to functional annotation and the modeling/prediction of regulatory and physical networks for Halobacterium sp NRC-1. Dr. Bonneau is also working to develop general methods to solve protein structures and protein complexes with small sets of distance constraints derived from chemical cross-linking.
          Prior to joining the ISB, Dr. Bonneau worked primarily on abinitio protein folding. The problem, simply stated is: given a gene sequence, predict its three dimensional structure. This work was done with Dr. David Baker at the University of Washington and supported partially with a Howard Hughes Medical Institute pre-doctoral Fellowship in the Biological Sciences.
          During the last phase of Dr. Bonneau’s work at the University a crucial and unprecedented milestone was achieved; it was shown that automatically generated Rosetta predictions, made on a genomic scale, were of sufficient quality that they could be used to infer functional information for proteins of unknown structure and function.

Contact info:  rbonneau@systemsbiology.org

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