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Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) was co-founded in 2000 in Seattle by Dr. Leroy Hood, an immunologist and technologist; Dr. Alan Aderem, an immunologist; and Dr. Ruedi Aebersold, a protein chemist.  Since 2000 ISB has expanded to over 170 staff members, with eleven faculty members and laboratory groups.  Scientists at ISB enjoy the use of facilities for DNA sequencing, genotyping, DNA arrays, and cell separations.


Hood, Aderem, and Aebersold co-founded ISB with the aim of researching biology using the systems biology model.  To further that aim, ISB scientists come from an array of disciplines, so it is not uncommon to find physicists, computer scientists, and chemists crowded around a table as they collaborate on cutting edge research.  This spirit of interdisciplinary teamwork has already proved fruitful—ISB has published groundbreaking papers in genomics, proteomics, and the applications of systems biology.


ISB is located in the funky neighborhood of Fremont, just a five-minute walk from Gas Works Park, a Seattle landmark.  A lovely stroll along the ship canal beckons on sunny days.  The 65,000 square foot facility has sweeping panoramic views of Lake Union and the downtown Seattle skyline.  ISB’s location adjacent to the Burke Gilman trail makes bicycle access easy.  Further, ISB is just a short jaunt from both the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington.  ISB is clearly the crown jewel of the Seattle area biotech companies. ...(--MD)

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