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Institute of Systems Biology:

Marc Facciotti takes over Halo project:
Protein crystalographer Marc Facciotti takes over ISB Halobacterium project due to the mysterious disappearance of Nitin Baliga.  Dr. Baliga was last seen after an altercation with his office buddy Rich Bonneau.  Witnesses claimed to see Dr. Baliga blow up.  Bonneau refuses to comment.  Until Dr. Baliga's return, Bonneau will be held in costody while Facciotti takes over Baliga's responsiblities at ISB.   


Sequencing Shotguns missing:

Sequencing shotguns were reported missing from ISB a few days after the disappearance of Dr. Baliga. It is believed that Baliga seeks revenge on Marc Facciotti for taking over the Halo lab.  Facciotti was given Baliga's responsibities and lab technician Min Pan. The Halobacteria Group has put the lab under maximum security.  It is believed Baliga may strike with the shotguns at any time.

More PCR machines disappear:
During the chaos of Baliga's disappearance and the missing shotguns, it was barely noticed that PCR machines have been steadily removed from ISB.  But, no one really cares; it's probably Nitin Baliga again. Facciotti, be on the look out.
Summer Interns in trouble:

The Halo group's summer interns are being held right now, their positions at ISB on the line.  They are being accused of spreading false and misleading stories regarding thier supervisors.  However, Pat Erhman adamantly defends them.  "They are good kids," says Erhman.  "Hanh and Sharmila would never lie... I think."

Victor Ng disagrees.  A silent bystander during the whole Baliga-Facciotti episode, Ng has his suspicions.  "I think," says Ng, "that this is all a huge conspiracy between Marc [Facciotti], Rich [Bonneau], and the two interns.  Don't trust them; the four of them are a quite dangerous combination." 

Disclaimer:  These stories are purely fictional, for entertainment purposes only.

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