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The cMonkey Biclustering Algorithm


This is the supplementary data page in support of the manuscript
"Integrated biclustering of heterogeneous genome-wide datasets for the inference of global regulatory networks",
by David J Reiss, Nitin S Baliga and Richard Bonneau.

See below for information on recent updates to cMonkey (October, 2009)

The links below point to Java Web-starts for visualizing and exploring the Halobacterium, E. coli, H. pylori, and S. cerevisiae biclusters and expression data using Cytoscape and the Gaggle...

View some instructions on using the Gaggle.

*NEW* We have developed a greatly updated version of cMonkey and packaged it into a simple-to-use R library. See this instruction page for instructions on downloading, installing, and running cMonkey on data for your own organism.

You can download the *original* cMonkey R implementation and data used in the cMonkey manuscript.

Contact us, if you have any questions or to report problems or errors.